Climate Trek Nepal



The goal of the “Climate Trek Nepal” initiative is to rebuild after the severe earthquakes in 2015 and promote sustainable tourism within the country.

Starting in 2017, we want to make a climate-friendly trekking route in the Helambu region north of Kathmandu with a focus on renewable energies as well as other technologies and behaviors that save resources a reality.

In order to achieve this, we have developed environmental and service standards.

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Current information about the
Climate Trek

Impressions from a lodge visit, a meeting with the people who run the lodges, pictures from the last Climate Trek visit, current challenges... you can find all this and much more on our "news" blog:


Your support is needed

In order to fulfill the lodges’ environmental and comfort standards, it is first necessary to make a large investment.
Installing sustainable technologies, such as natural insulation materials or photovoltaic and solar water heaters, requires costly initial investments.
In order to help absorb these additional costs and to create an incentive to use these sustainable technologies, the measures will be partially financed with the help of your donations.
In this way, you make sustainable and environmentally conscious infrastructure possible, even in the remote locations where the lodges are situated.


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