‘Concept into ‘Action’ for Climate and Environmental Protection’

Building on Eco-friendly dreams in the Himalayas of Nepal
9. Juni 2017
Latest Strategy of Nepal – Promotion of Environmental Education
14. Juni 2017
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The atmosfair team in Nepal is looking for an NGO. And the search aims to define a partnership to implement an Environmental Education Programme in Helambu region of Nepal.

In the concept phase of the programme as target groups have been recognized schools, student community groups, politicians, associations, lodge owners, and the tourists.

The project aims to disseminate empirical and practical solutions to the causes of cimate change, impact of climate change on tourism, and adaptation measures. Target groups shall be engaged for the climate friendly sustainable economic development focusing on tourism. To bring the concept into action, six potential partners have already been identified. These potential partners are national and local level NGOs of Nepal and they have been contributing to the environmental and climate change issues urged by the Nepalese government.

Strategy map

Similarly, Mr. Ujjwal Amatya, General Manager of REED, another assessed NGO, means that “REED is an accredited NGO from the Ministry of Education in Nepal, our partnership on the atmosfair’s project concept will bring huge transformation in environmental protection and climate change of the Helambu region and the whole country. Because, once we will complete the project, Government will endorse the project being its accredited NGO. “Mr. Dipesh Gurung Programme Officer, ECCA; one of the assessed NGO in Nepal expressed: “Project concept on Environmental Education, shared by atmosfair is the most important need of Nepalese communities these days. Upon accumulating detail of the project area in terms of altitude, population density, landscape, nature of the forests, soil severity and fertility and awareness level among the residents of the region, precise and effective project design with list of activities can be defined.”