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Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

The Climate Trek Nepal enthusiast team

The team working on Climate Trek Nepal is very diverse and consists of various players: the local lodge owners, the local travel agencies, the travel agencies in German-speaking regions as well as organizations working on implementing the project.

The Organizations


atmosfair gGmbH is a German climate protection organization that focuses on travel. We are engaged in active climate protection, among other things by offsetting greenhouse gases using renewable energies.

forum anders reisen

Over 100 tour operators that are committed to sustainable tourism have joined together to form forum anders reisen. All are specialists that offer environmentally friendly and socially compatible trips. The name stands for special travel experiences that are oriented towards people and the environment.


Samarth-Nepal Market Development Programme is a program supported by UKAID with the aim to reduce poverty in Nepal. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, Samarth would like to strengthen the financial situation of 300,000 farmers as well that of small business, e.g., in the tourism industry that is so important for Nepal.

The local travel agencies

Royal Mountain Travel

Royal Mountain Travel is a leading tour operator that offers a wide assortment of specialized tours, treks, and mountain climbing in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Royal Mountain Travel has been located in the center of Kathmandu since 1992 and has over 20 years of experience in personalized, quality service.

Himal Eco Treks

Himal Eco Treks was founded in 1996 and draws on extensive experience in sustainable tourism. The Nepalese travel company exhibits an especially close relationship to cultural diversity and to Nepal’s unique nature. It engages in many active measures to preserve these treasures while always guaranteeing a high level of quality.

Tembas Nepal Trek

Temba’s Nepal Trek is a local travel agency in Nepal that speaks German, among other languages. The agency is led by Temba from Nepal and Sabine from Germany, who have over 35 years of experience in trekking and tourism. Guests benefit from the Nepalese-German connection in the form of easier communication and knowledge about European culture, yet local prices and “priceless knowledge about the country.” The agency’s fair treatment of guides and porters deserves special attention since Temba himself was once a porter and guide and because sustainability plays an especially important role in the travel agency.

Lama Excursions

Lama Excursions was founded in 1973. From the beginning, Hauser Exkursionen has been Lama Excursions’ most important customer and supporter – almost something like a family business. Lama Excursions’ core competency is organizing all types of treks, from lodge trekking to expeditions and climbs.

The Team

Bimal B.K.

Project manager for Climate Trek at

Project management in Nepal


Janine Adler

Climate protection project manager at

Project manager for Climate Trek

+49 (0)30 120 84 80 - 62

Petra Thomas

Managing director of
forum anders reisen

Initiator of Climate Trek


Markus Hegemann

Managing director at
Neue Wege Seminare und Reisen GmbH

Co-initiator of Climate Trek


Manfred Häupl

Managing director at
Hauser Exkursionen

Co-initiator of Climate Trek

+49 - (0)89-23500610