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16. May 2018
Comfort is essential for the Climate Trek
14. August 2018
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On the 30th of April, a meeting was held between Climate Trek partners in Nepal. The meeting was initiated by the local representative of atmosfair, Mr. Bimal B.K. Nine partnering Lodge owners from Helambu, local Nepalese tour operators, representatives of the German association forum anders reisen and atmosfair participated in the meeting – a rare occasion!

The conference served as a valuable milestone to bring a diverse range of stakeholders together, which have a focused agenda of eco-tourism development in the Helambu region of Nepal. An important part for the efficiency of the meeting was the large attendance of lodge owners which not only committed to follow the guidelines of climate and comfort standards proposed by the Climate Trek Nepal project. But also, Mr. Manfred Haupl, Chairperson of the German Tour Association Hauser, created an additional sensitization on the comfort standard in eco-tourism in Nepal. Similarly, Dr. Dietrich Brockhagen, CEO of atmosfair, delivered the necessity and significance of eco-friendly tourism development.

The meeting ensured two major outcomes. First, 10 lodges of the Helambu region will be developed as eco-friendly lodges by 2018. Secondly, the Climate Trek Nepal project will be an exemplary initiation for eco-neutral tourism all around the World.