Johanna Weinreiter

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2. November 2017

Earthquake Stories: Mr. Mingmar Sherpa owner Mountain View Lodge, Kutumsang

  Mr. Mingmar Sherpa welcomed us in his temporary reconstructed home. At the time when the Earthquakes occurred in 2015 he stayed in the lodge.  Luckily […]
9. October 2017

Earthquake Stories: Ms. Putale Sherpa, Lama Guest House in Mangengoth

When we arrived at the Lama Guest House in Mangengoth, an old lady welcomed us, Ms. Putali Sherpa, the mother of the lodge owner Mr. Pemba […]
2. October 2017

Earthquake Stories: Mr. Purna Gautam – Reconstruction of the Eco-friendly Home and Lodge

Mr. Purna Bahadar Gautam is the founder of the Secondary School in Melamchighyang and the owner of the Eco-friendly Home and Lodge. He was in his […]
15. September 2017

Education and Accommodation for rural children at the Yangrima School in Sermathang

  The Yangrima School in Sermathang is one of the schools along the Climate Trek that we will support with renewable energy technologies. The school belongs […]
29. August 2017

Recycling and upcycling ideas for the region of Helambu

On the way from Tarkeghyang to Sermathang the Climate Trek leads through a little village, called Gangyual. The village itself is strongly focusing on becoming an […]
25. August 2017

USE ME – About first steps of environmental care and education

During our last field trip in July through the region of Helambu and along the trekking trail we made our way to the village Melamchi Ghyang […]
23. August 2017

Great Hospitality at the top of 3,685 meters

During our last trip to the Climate Trek in Helambu, we also visited the village Thare Pati. It’s the highest point of the Climate Trek at […]
26. July 2017

Our new trainee Johanna says “Namaste”

Hello everybody! My name is Johanna Weinreiter and I will be an intern for the Climate Trek project for 3 months from July to September 2017. […]