The new Buddha-Guest-House in Thansyap is coming along

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24. June 2021
Renewable Energy comes from above
10. August 2021
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Mrs. Chosangmo Tamang, a 38 year old widowed woman, has been running Buddha-Guest-House in Thansyap together with four family members for the last 15 years. She became a member of Climate Trek Langtang in 2019. Recently she started construction of her new lodge as her commitment to the project.  

The superstructure of the two-storey building is now complete. Eight rooms with attached toilet bathrooms are planned. Roofing is currently under construction. Five-inch insulation of eco-friendly hemp-crete is proposed for the inner walls and external walls will be plastered with cement-sand mixture. The lodge will have double framed windows to enhance the insulation level for warmer room facilities. After the completion of the lodge, it can accommodate 14-16 guests in comfortable rooms with hot water and heaters. A remarkable progress has been made by the lodge owner in the due process of lodge construction by now. Next priority in the construction process is to insulate the lodge with eco-friendly insulation materials. The installation of renewable energy technologies such as solar items, water purifier, and wastewater treatment system will be done before autumn 2021.