Buddha Jayanti – A Day of Peace

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25. June 2019
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10. July 2019
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Lord Budhha was born 2500 years ago, on a full moon day in the city of Lumbini, Nepal. Almost 11% of the population of Nepal practice Buddhism and worship Lord Budhha as their God. Every year millions of Nepalese and people from all over the world celebrate Buddha’s birthday with various events and programmes to promote peace in the world.

The Helambu region of Sindhupalchok, Nepal is mostly represented by Budhhist communities. The indigenous community Hyolmo (a type of Sherpa in Nepal), which is widespread in the region of Helambu, practices Budhhism as their religion. A very interesting village populated by Hyolmo people is called Melamchighyang which is part of the Climate Trek Nepal. Every year in Melamchighyang a big meditation called ‘Puja’ and birthday celebration of Lord Buddha is organized for 5 days starting from May 13th. The primary purpose of organizing the celebration is to spread peace and healthiness in the world. Anyone visiting Melamchighyang during this period can participate the medidations, even if it’s just for some hours.

As a very special example of social bonding, a committee managing the local monastry ‘Melamchighyang Gumba’, delivers peace and prosperity not only to the village itself but also to neighbour villages. After the big meditation they visit many places and share their messages of wisdom and peace to thousands of people. They organize all the required materials and resources on their own to feed Gurus and people visiting the ‘Puja’. Anyone who visits the Climate Trek Nepal in Helambu during the second week of May can witness and feel peace and prosperity in the medidation camp organized during Buddha Jayanti (Buddha’s birthday).