Capacity Building for Climate Friendly Lodges in Himalay’s Langtang Valley

Tashi Delek: The youngest comfort lodge of the Climate Trek Nepal
12. September 2019
Partnership kick-off by jointly walking through Langtang Valley
4. March 2020
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A total 6 of lodge owners under Climate Trek Nepal Project participated in a workshop on the 10th of February 2020. The technical capacity building was organized by atmosfair gGmbH in collaboration with the engineering office Scott Wilson Nepal. During that day the main objective was to educate the participating lodge owners on how to implement eco-friendliness and climate-friendly measures in their own lodge (re-)construction process.  

Further, the participants were orientated on the comfort standard criteria which needs to be fulfilled to become part of the Climate Trek Nepal project. atmosfair gGmbH’s local project manager, Bimal B.K. took the lead on the comfort orientation as the workshop was primarily focusing on the engineering designs and potential ideas to incorporate climate measures in the designs of the lodges. A major highlight of the workshop was the individual design presentation of each lodge and discussion with all of the lodge owners

Key achievement of the workshop was the clear and convincing orientation of climate and comfort standards of the Climate Trek Nepal. The workshop definitely set a milestone to kick off the actual lodge construction process of CTN Langtang in opening a possibility of brand-new climate friendly trekking in the beautiful Langtang region of Nepal.