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21. May 2019
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25. June 2019
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For the last 30 years Hotel Green View and Lodge in Magengoth is welcoming guests from all over the globe. Mr. Kalu Sherpa, the owner of the lodge, inherited the place by his grandfather.  After the disastrous earthquake in 2015 in Nepal, the family business Green View Lodge was destroyed completely. Being forced to adapt to these circumstances Mr. Sherpa built a temporary lodge to sustain his business that lived across generations. Nevertheless, these circumstances left Mr. Sherpa struggeling to bring back the old character of his family business.

In 2016 Mr. Sherpa decided to become a part of the Climate Trek Nepal project initiated by atmosfair gGmbH in cooperation with different German and Nepali partners since he was interested in developing eco-tourism in Helambu. The main objective of the Climate Trek Nepal project was to re-establish the lodges in a more eco-friendly way, which were devastated by the earthquake in 2015. As part of the project, Mr. Sherpa agreed to develop his lodge following atmosfair’s eco and comfort standards. Nowadays, Hotel Green View and Lodge is equipped with renewable energy systems such as solar systems for light and hot water, an efficient cooking stove, an insulated heating facility and a water purifier to produce drinking water. Also, the lodge improved its accommodativeness by equipping the place with various comfort products.

The Green View Lodge combines local art, renewable technologies together with high comfort accommodation, which creates an outstanding lodge experience in the region. Surrounded by the most beautiful scenes of the Himalayas and nature, visitors of the Green View Lodge are treated with unique comfort and climate friendliness.