Earthquake Stories: Mr. Mingmar Sherpa owner Mountain View Lodge, Kutumsang

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9. October 2017
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9. November 2017
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The small center of Kutumsang surrounded by trees and mountains


Mr. Mingmar Sherpa in his lodge

Mr. Mingmar Sherpa welcomed us in his temporary reconstructed home.

The ruins of Mountain View Lodge after the earthquake 2015

At the time when the Earthquakes occurred in 2015 he stayed in the lodge.

 Luckily he was able to safe himself by running out of the building immediately. Mr. Mingmar and his

family were able to safe themselves and only got little injuries on their legs and arms. He told us that he still remembers that moment very clearly as all the family members stand in front of their damaged and completely destroyed house: Suddenly getting homeless within seconds. From that time Mr. Mingmar avoids to sleep in rooms since he is still scared of further earthquakes. After the earthquake they received very few support by the government besides from some units of rice. Two years have passed now.

Mr. Mingmar and his family are still waiting to get their grant which should be distributed by the government.

Mountain View Lodge before the earthquake 2015

Temporary Dining Room and Kitchen from Mr. Mingmar Sherpa and his family