Eco-friendliness under construction at Langtang Trek

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11. February 2021
Waste Management Collaboration with the Rural Municipality
4. March 2021
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Work in progress after the lockdown: The team of the Climate Treks Nepal conducted a series of meetings with an engineer from our partner organization Scott Wilson Nepal and an expert of a hempcrete production in Nepal. The main objective of the meeting was to identify which could be the best way to properly insulate the lodges under construction, meeting not only the demand for a comfortable, warm bed in the evenings, but also providing for a sustainable, efficient solution. The goal is to find the best insulation measures for the lodges under construction in Climate Trek Nepal, but this has to result from discussion with the lodge owners themselves. After the meeting, we have finalized that 6 lodges out of total 8 will be insulated with multiple options such as hemp-lime plaster, hempcrete walls and lime plaster to ensure for as little loss of energy as  possible. Negotiation is ongoing for the rest.

A major accomplishment out of this effort by atmosfair gGmbH will be the replacement of traditional materials in order to provide lodges with less carbon producing construction possibilities at the local level. As a logical consequence of the insulation efforts, the lodges will also save energy for heating. This energy, till now, partly derives from different, not fully renewable resources. Meaning that after the lodges construction, there is again an emission reduction in the tourism area of Langtang. However, a bigger investment in comparison will be required to insulate all lodges with the desired eco-friendly materials. But the good news is that the lodge owners seemed committed to stay in line with the values and standards of the Climate Treks and therefore support the idea of promoting eco-friendliness on each level of their own lodge construction.