Expansion potential of the Climate Trek Nepal

Improving Eco-Comfort in Mangengoth: Heating facilities powered by clean solar energy
11. July 2019
Tashi Delek: The youngest comfort lodge of the Climate Trek Nepal
12. September 2019
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In July 2019 the Climate Trek Nepal (CTN) team conducted an assessment visit to Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley Trek. The aim of the assessment was to identify the status and potential of the treks’ comfort and eco standards. Moreover, the visit also assessed the regions’ potential to expand the CTN project. In total, the assessment visit was 14 days long and encompassed 11 villages and 30 lodges across both treks.

The assessment parameters for the treks were (1) availability of renewable energy technologies in the lodges, (2) current comfort materials in the lodges, (3) lodge owners’ intention to improve the comfort and climate friendliness of their lodges and (4) identification of tourist attractions throughout the treks. The assessment showed that the Langtang Valley Trek has more potential to be developed as comfort trek with relatively little technical and financial investment. Moreover, it was shown that the existing lodges have a good comfort level and are motivated to further improve the comfort and climate friendliness in the future.

Overall, both Tamang Heritage Trail (THT) and Langtang Valley Trek (LVT) have an immense potential to offer a very unique and beautiful trekking experience for national and international tourists. Thus, it is crucial to take up the expansion of Climate Trek Nepal in the Langtang Region of Rasuwa district.