Helambu – Great Trekking Experience

The Lodge in Chipling – Karkep Sherpa
9. March 2018
The Kutumsang Health Post Station is now ready for better services
16. May 2018
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At 6:30 in the morning, on the 18th of February 2018, our group o f three members started the first day of the trekking from Kathmandu to Helambu. With big hopes and expectations, we travelled 4.5 hours by car to reach the startingpoint of the tour: Chipling. Beautiful alps were characterizing this first section.

After having a two hour lunch break at Chipling, we headed to Kutumsang, our next trekking destination. We received a warm welcome by Mr. Mingmar Sherpa, the owner of Mountain View eco-friendly. Despite an already exhausting day, we could not hold ourselves back to go and witness the beautiful sunset leaving its yellow beams over the white mountains on the horizon.

A very special second day of our trek started with a spectacular sunrise. After a calm and cold night frost started glittering on the surface of the place which made us feel that we were experiencing rare moments being in Helambu. We departed from Kutumsang at 8:30am to reach Thadepati, another picturesque place. Before we reached it, we stopped at Magengoth to take a break in the sun. Situated in the middle of the Langtang National Park, the place offers sites and an incredible viewpoint in just 25 minutes walking distance from the Hotel Green View & Lodge . At 6:30pm, we reached Thadepati, which we awarded to be the most attractive and magnificent place among our seven trekking points. One can easily get lost in its beauty and it only takes your initiative to take on a three days walk and the ability to withstand altitudes of 3670m to see it.

The third day of our trek stopped at Tarkeghyang. Again, we were welcomed with great hospitality and surprised by the richness of this solitary place. Beautiful white waterfalls making sounds in the distance beneath the tall and starring mountains in the north. We wish everyone could have the opportunity to  experience something like this!

Our jouney ended in Sermanthang on our fourth day of trekking.                                                                                                                                  Conclusion – the Helambu region is versatile and a little paradise.