Helambu Marathon – An Opportunity to Win the Run of the Himalayan Mountains

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Every year the Helambu Marathon Festival is organized in the district Sindhupalchok. The first Helambu Marathon took place in 2011 and since then there were in total 1000 Nepalese and foreign runners participating. The marathon is a single day race of 42km and reaches its highest point at 3870m. Bed Bahadur Sunuwar won the first Beyul Hyolmo (Helambu) Marathon in 2011. The picture is showing the moment where he crosses the finishing line.

The primary objective of the Helambu Marathon is to promote Helambu as a tourist site. It attracts domestic and foreign tourists to the marathon itself and to the unique hiking and trekking opportunities in the region.

Helambu Marathon is primarily organized by the Helambu Trail Running Club every year. Participants that are interested in running the marathon are encouraged to contact the organizers for further information once the upcoming event is announced.

Website: https://trailrunningnepal.org/outfitter/helambu-trail-running-club/