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Heavenly Experience on the Trek to Helambu
22. November 2017
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18. December 2017
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Climate Trek Nepal

Dear readers,

By now I am working already six weeks for atmosfair and I am a part of the coordination team for the Climate Trek Nepal. I follow in the footsteps of Julia Hoffmann, who has left the project after 2,5 years. For me this new task is definitely an exciting challenge because the trek itself is already a versatile, extensive and absolutely exciting project.

It needs plenty of project partners to bring the Climate Trek to life. Everybody works towards creating a sustainable tourism project that is going to have his own temper. The goal is to significantly contribute to the reconstruction of a region that was affected worst by the earthquake 2015.

In spring 2018 the first guests are awaited to sleep in the new lodges. 2,5 years after the heavy earthquake in Nepal the reconstruction process of destroyed buildings is not yet completed but it makes significant progress.

I am looking forward for the upcoming challenges that the project and its implementation is going to have. It is particularly good to know to have reliable local partners but also experienced partners in Germany. For us and for our partners the Climate Trek Nepal is on our hearts!

With this in mind – Warm regards,