The new hemp-crete insulation for the Buddha-Guest-House

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10. August 2021
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The Budhha-Guest-House is located in Thansyap at an altitude of 3200 metres. The lodge became part of Climate Trek Nepal (CTN) in 2019 and has now completed its construction phase in 2021. It now features eight rooms with all the comfort standards prescribed by the CTN project. Just recently in 2021, this lodge achieved another standard under the CTN which is the insulation of the lodge with natural insulation material. This is an essential part when one wants to be prepared for cold nepali nights.

The Buddha-Guest-House has recently started insulation of the lodge with hemp-crete. Hemp-crete is a mixture of hemp shires and lime along with additives. It provides the best possible natural insulation to the lodge without any negative impacts on the environment. The great benefit of the insulation is its enhancing potential the lodge’s cosiness and comfort status. In this particular lodge, the 5” inch insulation was inserted from the inner wall and will now be plastered with the lime. 

With the incorporated insulation solution added to the lodge, the Buddha-Guest-House, along with four similar lodges of the  Langtang trek, will be the first eco-friendly lodges in the region. To enjoy their benefits it will be a pleasure for any hiker around the world who loves Eco-friendliness in the sustainable tourism sector. Lodge owners appreciate the concept and do recommend it for other local hoteliers and tourism stakeholders as the demand is rising.