Landslide and floods in Helambu

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2. June 2021
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20. July 2021
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On the 16th of June 2021 the Helambu region faced multiple disasters. First, an unimaginable landslide took place from the mountains of Semisidang above Melachmighyang. Secondly, that landslide and several smaller landslides nearby Melamchighyang and Tarkeghyang have led to devastating flash floods which hit the plains in the Melamchi Bazzar.

Nepalese authorities carried out rescue operations on Wednesday after the flash floods killed at least seven people and left at least 20, including six foreigners, missing. Local media reports said the missing foreigners are from China and India. The government has deployed resources for the rescue and evacuation operations. Witnesses said several people in Melamchi had moved to higher grounds with their belongings, while army helicopters were rescuing those trapped in marooned houses.

In the meantime, the Climate Trek Nepal project area has been severely impacted. The Helambu trek connecting bridge between Melamchighyang and Tarkeghyang was destroyed by the flood. Similarly, 5 motorable bridges collapsed on the way back to Kathmandu. Everyday life in Helambu has worsened due to the absence of road connectivity. The government of Nepal is implementing emergency support programs for the people in the region.