Lime plaster – an eco-friendly insulation in Buddha Inn

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18. March 2021
The construction of the ecofriendly Everest-Guest-House in Langtang is almost finished
19. May 2021
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Buddha Inn, a comfort lodge, is located in Kyanjin Gompa at an altitude of 3900m. The owner is Pasang Lopchen Tamang, a 29 years old young tourism promoter. The Buddha Inn is a part of the Climate Trek Nepal Project since 2018. The lodge owner participated in several meetings and conferences to learn about the standards and criteria prescribed under CTN.

A key component of the project is developing lodges with eco-friendly construction materials. Recently the Buddha Inn has been insulated with lime plaster (a mixture of quick lime mature and plaster additive). The most important benefit of insulating the lodge with lime plaster is that less energy is needed to heat the lodge. 

Apart from the insulation measures, it is also planned to equip the lodge with solar technologies, a wastewater treatment system, an electric water purification system and insulated cooking and heating facilities. With all this measures, the objective of achieving eco-friendly tourism in Nepal will be fulfilled.