Missing isulation materials in Syaphrubesi

The construction of the ecofriendly Everest-Guest-House in Langtang is almost finished
19. May 2021
Landslide and floods in Helambu
24. June 2021
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Climate Trek Nepal Project mainly consists of three important components. The first component is the climate friendliness of the lodges. Secondly, the high standards of comfort for the guests in the lodges. And the third component of the project is to develop an international partnership to promote the local tourism of Langtang and Nepal.

atmosfair prioritizes the first of these three components. For this reason, the lodge owners have been supported in the implementation of renewable energy technologies. One of the key technologies are ecofriendly insulation materials such as hemp-crete material. In January 2021 atmosfair started the insulation process in the first two lodges of Sherpagaun. Both of the lodges are now insulated with the hemp-crete material.

In May 2021, it was reported that around 400 pcs of materials (including quick lime, hemp-shire, quick lime mature and additives) went missing. There was a lockdown due to the corona pandemic at his time in Nepal and the project staff could not be attentive at the site.

Once the report was received from the local project partners, the project manager started consultations with all the parties involved in the transportation and storage of the materials. After one week of searching and investigation, the missing materials were finally identified. Now the project activities are back on the regular track.