Mr. Nurpu Tamang – one of the first owners of an ecofriendly lodge

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26. January 2018
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9. March 2018
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Mr. Tamang at the registry of his lodge

Mr. Nurpu Tamang  is  the owner of the lodge “Lama Guest House Lodge and Restaurant” located in Chipling, Shivapuri  rural municipality-7 Nuwakot. He is 61 years old and he has five family members including his son-in-law, Mr. Namka Lama.

The lodge in reconstruction process

During the earth quake in 2015, Mr. Tamang’s lodge was severely damaged and he has already spent 900,000.00 NPR which equals round about 7,000 € to repair and maintain his lodge. Mr. Tamang started to participate in the Climate Trek Nepal project in 2016. Currently, he is operating the lodge with ten rebuilt rooms but those rooms are not yet equipped with eco-friendly technologies.  Right now, he is developing four new rooms which will be equipped with advanced renewable energy technologies reducing the excessive consumption of the natural state of the environment. To pursue his vision of developing an eco-neutral lodge, Mr. Nurpu has already signed a contract with atmosfair to receive the subsidy for renewable energy technologies. In the meantime, Mr. Tamang is also receiving governmental support with additional 50,000.00 NPR (≈ 400€) as a first installment. He has already applied for the second installment support of 150,000.00 NPR (≈ 1,175€).

Mr. Tamang and the local projectmanager Bimal B.K.

Mr. Nurpu Tamang and his son-in-law, who will follow in Mr. Tamangs’ footsteps, stated that the number of tourists visiting Chipling has increased in 2017 compared to 2016. Both expect that after the reconstruction of the lodge is completed, after all comfort standards are fulfilled and after installing renewable energies, much more value is added to their lodge and therefore it will attract even more tourists in the near future.An exciting fact shared by Mr. Tamang was that the local Province and House of Representatives elections which recently took place in Nepal also positively influenced the number of tourist in the region. According to him, “Recent elections in Nepal have shared  impressions of peace and potential tourism advancement in the country enabling the entire tourism environment”.

Mr. Tamang also highlighted the vision of atmosfair’s Climate Trek Nepal project and he is totally thankful for the support especially rendered by the engineering company Scott Wilson Nepal hired by atmosfair. Local masons are following their engineering designs very well. Mr. Tamang’s lodge in Chipling will soon be ready for the complete installation of renewable energy technologies and it will be one of the first lodges among all 12 lodges along the Climate Trek Nepal.