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29. August 2017
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15. September 2017
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Help us to repair 56 small-scale biogas plants near to the Climate Trek!!

After the emergency aid has been expired, atmosfair is enhancing the second phase of the reconstruction. In the first phase of our engagement, we were distributing efficient cookstoves and solar lighting as most needed resources. But now it´s about repairing the damaged biogas plants: during the earthquakes, thousands of biogas plants have been destroyed which we had built before thanks to many climate donations.

These are the four villages in Sindhupalchok, were we would like to repair biogas plants.

In a small-scale biogas plant (about 6m³) cow dung is transformed into biogas and sludge by microorganisms. Traditional cooking on wood is not only expensive and damages surrounding forests but also sickens people due to heavy emissions of smoke and carbon black. Luckily, they can replace the fuel wood with biogas. Two or three cows provide enough dung for enough cooking biogas for a five-member family!
Moreover, the sludge from fermentation can be used as a soil conditioner on the farmer´s fields. Many of the biogas plants are connected to a latrine, hence hugely improving the hygienic situation in many households.

Thus, the importance of biogas plants for the local people is massive in many ways. With your help, we therefore want to repair 56 plants in the region of Helambu nearby the Climate Trek.

Visit us now at Betterplace and learn more about the project: