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18. September 2021

The new hemp-crete insulation for the Buddha-Guest-House

The Budhha-Guest-House is located in Thansyap at an altitude of 3200 metres. The lodge became part of Climate Trek Nepal (CTN) in 2019 and has now […]
10. August 2021

Renewable Energy comes from above

As one of the very important milestones of the Climate Trek Langtang project, the project team has completed the first batch of RET (renewable energy technologies) […]
20. July 2021

The new Buddha-Guest-House in Thansyap is coming along

Mrs. Chosangmo Tamang, a 38 year old widowed woman, has been running Buddha-Guest-House in Thansyap together with four family members for the last 15 years. She […]
24. June 2021

Landslide and floods in Helambu

On the 16th of June 2021 the Helambu region faced multiple disasters. First, an unimaginable landslide took place from the mountains of Semisidang above Melachmighyang. Secondly, […]
2. June 2021

Missing isulation materials in Syaphrubesi

Climate Trek Nepal Project mainly consists of three important components. The first component is the climate friendliness of the lodges. Secondly, the high standards of comfort […]
19. May 2021

The construction of the ecofriendly Everest-Guest-House in Langtang is almost finished

At the altitude of 3570m in Langtang region of Rasuwa district, the Everest-Guest-House is running its tourism services. Mr. Chhime Renjin Tamang owns the Guest House […]
21. April 2021

Lime plaster – an eco-friendly insulation in Buddha Inn

Buddha Inn, a comfort lodge, is located in Kyanjin Gompa at an altitude of 3900m. The owner is Pasang Lopchen Tamang, a 29 years old young […]
18. March 2021

The comfort of hemp-insulation

For the Climate Trek Nepal Project in Langtang, five lodges are already constructed and two more are under construction. Among those already constructed, four lodges are […]