Our Lodge Owners received Training for their Renewable Energy Technologies

National Climate Conference in Nepal – An initiation of Climate Trek’s Climate Educatio Program
27. February 2019
Sustainable and Climate Friendly Tourism
21. May 2019
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The Climate Trek Nepal (CTN), initiated by forum anders reisen and atmosfair, is promoting eco-tourism and involves local enterprises. Within this project the installation of renewable energy technologies (RET) and the promotion of waste efficient measures in lodges, schools and health posts were supported in the Helambu Region.

To sustain the idea of eco-friendly tourism using various RET, a training for the proper usage and maintenance of their RETs and for sustainable waste management was conducted by the partner organization SW Nepal, which is contracted by atmosfair. The training took place from January 13th to January 18th 2019. It was conducted on an individual and group level. In total, 15 participants took part, of which eight were lodge owners.

As per beneficiaries’ feedback, the training delivered useful tools and knowledge to properly operate and maintain solar appliances, insulation materials, waste and waste water treatment systems, etc.

Despite the positive impacts of the training, the lodge owners are not yet capable to undertake complex repairs of these green technologies. Therefore, it was clear after the training took place that having an O&M technician in the vicinity of these lodges would be helpful in case of emergencies.