Portrait: Kutumsang Rural Health Unit

Partner Portrait: Samarth-NMDP
19. September 2017
Earthquake Stories: Mr. Purna Gautam – Reconstruction of the Eco-friendly Home and Lodge
2. October 2017
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On the top of a small peak at 2600m height in Nuwakot district the Kutumsang Rural Health Unit is serving more than 15 patients a day.

Figure1: Kutumsang Rural Health Unit buildi

Before the local elections in May 2017 the local NGO Community Action Nepal supported and administered the Health Unit. Now the newly elected rural municipality is in charge.The rural Health Unit provides family planning, vaccination, nutrition advice, pre-natal check-up and birthing support, among others.

During our last field trip in July 2017 we met Mrs. Penjom Sherpa, vice-president of the Kutumsang Rural Health Unit. Besides her three more people are working at the Health Unit. Due to the unavailability of electricity, the Health Unit faces difficulties to provide emergency service during the night. Ms. Sherpa further added that “the Health Unit needs a toilet for our patients as well as solar energy for light and electricity.” The latter is necessary to run small scale test machines in the health post. However, despite many requests to the agencies in charge, no support was granted until today.

Figure 3: Vice-president Mrs. Penjom Sherpa handing over a traditional scarf to our intern Johanna.

During our field trip the atmosfair team along with our engineering team from SW Nepal conducted a technical assessment of the Health Unit. Based on the results, atmosfair will help to cover as many of the Health Unit’s needs as possible.

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