Education and Accommodation for rural children at the Yangrima School in Sermathang

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29. August 2017
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19. September 2017
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The Yangrima School in Sermathang is one of the schools along the Climate Trek that we will support with renewable energy technologies. The school belongs to the most prestigious schools within the region of Helambu. It was built in 1989 and is educating rural children from the mountain areas nearby. In 2015 the earthquakes completely destroyed the school. However, today thanks to many donations most of the buildings are nearly reconstructed. During our field trip in July 2017 we spoke with Mr. Nima Lama, the principal of the school. Mr. Lama showed us the school area and we discussed about the potential support that the Climate Trek Helambu project could provide to the school. The school is still in need of energy and water supply systems. Solar panels, water purifier, cooking stoves and a rain water treatment system could therefore be very helpful to the pupils and school staff.


The principal also told us about the school’s own children hostel. It was established to accommodate all kids that otherwise would not get the chance to receive education since their homes are too far away from the school. There are also a lot of activities the kids can take part such as drama, sports, dance, cooking or gardening. Most of the processed vegetables are cultivated in the school’s area to ensure fresh, organic and seasonal food. Milk and meat are provided by local farmers. This offer is a great chance not only for rural children, but also for kids from poor backgrounds to receive both education and accommodation.

Principal Lama told us about specialized sponsorship programs for children whose parents are unable to ensure the financial resources for their kids’ education. A yearly payment for each child is needed to ensure all the great offerings besides from the good education. Contact details and more information about how to change a life by sponsoring a child within the region of Helambu can be provided anytime if there is interest. Please feel free to contact us anytime (