Recycling and upcycling ideas for the region of Helambu

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25. August 2017
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29. August 2017
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On the way from Tarkeghyang to Sermathang the Climate Trek leads through a little village, called Gangyual. The village itself is strongly focusing on becoming an organic village. During our Field Trip in July 2017 we got the chance to meet the villager Mrs. Yanjom. She invited us to her home for having lunch. As we arrived at her home we noticed that she figured out a very creative idea to reuse old plastic bottles by cultivating flowers, plants and herbs.

Creative recycling: Mrs. Yanyom´s little garden of PET bottles

Moreover, there are already very creative ideas existing which we would like to share with the villagers as well as with the Lodge Owners within the Region of Helambu. Hereinafter, we provided a brief insight into the ideas we would like to share among others: