Renewable Energy comes from above

The new Buddha-Guest-House in Thansyap is coming along
20. July 2021
The new hemp-crete insulation for the Buddha-Guest-House
18. September 2021
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As one of the very important milestones of the Climate Trek Langtang project, the project team has completed the first batch of RET (renewable energy technologies) delivery on August 8th, 2021. Among the key components of climate aspects in Climate Trek Langtang, lodges will be supplied with solar technologies by the end of September 2021. 

Langtang is located amongst the dense mountains in the north of Kathmandu, approximately 150km away.  Due to the immense geographic difficulties and conservation areas, road connections are not a priority for the area. As a result, any construction activity is executed with the help of helicopters, transporting air cargo in the region. CTN Langtang conducted its first air cargo flights with altitude air services on Aug 8, 2021. 

Primary loads of the air cargo were solar panels, solar water heaters, tubes for the heaters, wiring materials and further construction materials. Obviously, the air cargo cost is higher, approximately 10 times of what the normal transportation of materials by the mules or porters costs. But it is inevitable to use it as the trekking route of the region is very narrow and no other mode of transportation can be used.

The delivery of the very important RETs was successful within 2 days. Installation of the delivered RET┬┤s is planned for August and September 2021; and once in use they will compensate for all the effort put into the transportation.