Status of the Climate Education Program for Helambu

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1. December 2017
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5. January 2018
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Climate Education Program

Climate Education Program

As a part of the Climate Trek Nepal project in Helambu, the idea for a Climate Education Program (CEP) in the same region was born in July 2017. As a part of implementing such a program,

Orientation Meeting with CDECF

a local NGO called Community Development and Environment Conservation Forum (CDECF), from Sindhupalchok district has been selected on August 11, 2017, to successfully lead the whole program.

The CEP aims to encourage and raise environmental awareness of pupils, lodge owners, officials from local governments, citizens of Helambu and tourists of the Climate Trek Nepal. Therefore this program promotes the general awareness for decisions in life of each individual being part of the Climate Trek and this might change their patterns of consumption, travel behavior and business intentions. Furthermore, the CEP will inform the mentioned local stakeholders about general causes and impacts of climate change worldwide but also causes specifically related to the Helambu region. Based on this knowledge it is expected that the involved people will develop and adopt their own measures for climate mitigation and adaption to climate change. Not only the environment will profit from this knowledge and awareness-raising measures but also the own livelihood is going to be improved as well as the sustainable community development in the region Helambu.

SCR Meeting at Chautara in May 24, 2017

Regarding the coordination part with the government, atmosfair has already set up to two consultation meetings on May and August 2017 with the District Coordination Committee of Sindhupachok district, Nepal. The government has welcomed the program for this region and provides its commitment to support it.

Onward, atmosfair proposed CDECF with an extensive activity list and budget plan for the one-year program in September 2017. Thus, the contract is close to being signed within the next weeks. We will keep you updated as soon as CEP is kicked-off.

Similarly, coordination with different like-minded national and international agencies has been in progress since its conception. We have formally establish a cooperation strategy with ICIMOD, WWF, local groups such as Gangyul Organic Village and many more.

As the CDECF has already expressed their consent on the proposed activity list and on the budget of the program, we will easily be able to start the implementation of the project by December 2017. And with the implementation of the project, atmosfair expects to promote the acts of preserving the environment of Helambu and sustainable development of the whole region with less impacts of climate change, green-house gas emissions and global warming in the future.