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1. March 2019
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21. May 2019
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The starting point of the Climate Trek Nepal in Helambu is the village Chipling, which is located in the South-Western part of Sindhupalchok on 2100m altitude difference. During the last years, two eco-tourism lodges were established in this village. These lodges are classified as eco-friendly because they work with climate-friendly technologies.

The Lama Guest House Chipling and Chipling Mountain View Guest House are both equipped with 6m3 biogas digesters which produce biogas for cooking from animal and human disposals. Since cooking with firewood is replaced by cooking with biogas, the wood consumption is consequently decreased. Therefore, also the carbon footprints of the lodges are reduced. Biogas digesters in both lodges enable lodge owners to keep their environment clean by using the biodegradable waste for biogas production. In addition to that, the biogas digester produces organic manure as a by-product, which can be used as a fertilizer on the fields. As a result, increased agricultural harvest improves the food supply for the lodge owners.

In sum, the use of biogas in both lodges of Chipling is estimated to save 6-7 t CO2 per year. This positively contributes to the Paris goal of keeping global warming below 2┬░C. Since both biogas projects were implemented successfully, they act as lighthouse projects that spread the idea of eco-friendly tourism in Helambu.