Tashi Delek: The youngest comfort lodge of the Climate Trek Nepal

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4. September 2019
Capacity Building for Climate Friendly Lodges in Himalay’s Langtang Valley
10. February 2020
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Among the 11 newly built lodges of the Climate Trek Nepal (CTN), Tashi Delek Lodge in Thadepati has just recently finished its construction and the installation of climate and comfort equipments. Tashi Delek Lodge, the youngest member of the CTN, has encompasses a thorough reconstruction process. In the end, these efforts paid off because they are visible in the comfortability and climate friendliness of the lodge.

Mr. Kaji Sherpa owns the lodge and recently constructed four new rooms. All rooms are spacious (minimum of 144 square foot) and have a private bathroom including a hot shower run by a solar water heater. During winter season, the lodge is kept warm by electric heating facilities powered by solar panels. The rooms are insulated from inside with p-foam and planked to keep the passive heating in the room. Besides climate friendly equipment, the lodge has all basic facilities to offer good comfort standards to the guests.

Despite various challenges during the construction phase, Tashi Delek Lodge is now ready to start operation in the upcoming autumn season in 2019. For the visitors of the Climate Trek Nepal the comfort stay in Tashi Delek in Thadepati will be a unique and beautiful experience.