The Kutumsang Health Post Station is now ready for better services

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The Kutumsang Rural Health Unit is already treating more than 15 patients a day. The facility realizes family planning support, vaccination, nutritional advice, obstetrics, antenatal-care and also treats cut injuries and skin diseases. The HP provides its services to 2000 people of both Sindhupalchok and the Nuwakot district in Kutumsang. Run by the local Health Facility Operation Management Committee, Kutumsang HP has three full time staff members to render the health services. Due to the lack of electricity, they were facing difficulties to provide even the very basic services to the community.

atmosfair, owner of the Climate Trek Nepal project, has recently supported Kutumsang HP with 1.2 KW power solar panels with a 2.4 KVA inverter. This system will help to operate the HP’s electronic medical equipment and provides electricity to run the emergency support during the night as well. Under the same project, the HP has also been supported with a 500-liter Solar Water Heater system.  The water heater system helps the HP to ensure the neutralization of bacterias for the daily-used equipment.

Mr. Pasang Sherpa Hyalmo, HFOMC member of the HP said “The provided solar and water heating support is going to help us with reliable electricity. Thereby we will be able to run small-scale test machines in the health post and provide our community an improved service.”