The Tashi Delek Lodge is coming on-board

Model Lodge at the Climate Trek Helambu
24. August 2018
National Climate Conference in Nepal – An initiation of Climate Trek’s Climate Educatio Program
27. February 2019
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In Thadepati, at the top of more than 3800 meters, you will reach one of the highlight points of the Helambu Trekking Trail. All the way up there, Mr. Kachi Sherpa is serving hundreds of tourists every year within his Lodge called Tashi Delek. Mr. Kachi Sherpa has established a beautiful lodge with ten rooms and recently added four new ones according to the comfort and eco standards of the Climate Trek Nepal in Helambu.

Mr. Kachi Sherpa is the last lodge owner joining the participating lodges. He became part of the project in June 2018 and fully agreed to develop the additional four rooms of his lodge with the minimum standards defined as comfortable and eco-friendly by the Climate Trek Nepal.

If Mr. Kachi completes the development of his new lodge along with attached toilets, warm and comfortable interior in the rooms equipped with comfort materials provided by atmosfair as a loan, the lodge will be the best eco-neutral model at the extensive altitude of almost 4000m in entire Nepal. It is expected, that the cooperation with Mr. Kachi under the Climate Trek will be an exceptional success for all stakeholders and it will set an example to the rest of the trekking areas of Nepal.

Our second lodge owner in Thadepati, Mr. Jemba Lama, who is part of our project since it started and whose positioning was insecure for a while, now has committed himself to follow our standards. That would mean that we will have 2 eco comfort lodges at the peak of the Climate Trek.