Tourism Philanthropy – Hotel Tarkeghyang, Climate Trek Nepal

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25. June 2019
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11. July 2019
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At 2500m altitude second to last station of the Climate Trek Nepal Tarkeghyang village is located on the edge of the beautiful ‘Ama Yangri’ mountain. Tarkeghyang is considered as one of the sacred places for buddhist followers. Trekkers admire to witness the beautiful mountain range and fascinating landscapes of Helambu in Tarkeghyang.

Hotel Tarkeghyang is owned by Ms. Lakpa Dolma Lamini (61 years old woman). In 2018, the lodge upgraded the place with four very comfortable rooms. The lodge has included not only comfort aspects but also improved its energy efficiency through the implementation of renewable energy systems. Thus, the lodge is able to offer better hospitality services for its guests. Key comfort equipments are: Extra comfort (1.5×2m) 8″ mattresses, fiber blankets, an electric heating faclity, hot showers and commode toilets. The climate-friendly equipment includes a 5kVA solar PV system for energy supply to run the lodge, a 500 liter solar water heater for hot showers, a water purifing machine for free drinking water and a wood-saving efficient cooking stove.

The total investment of Ms. Lamini was 8 million Nepalese Rupies (~63.335€) for the four rooms she has built in 2018. Now, she has invested in four more rooms on the first floor which will cost an additional amount of 5 million Nepalese Rupies. Back in spring 2017, when representatives of atmosfair and Hauser along with local agents met Ms. Lamini for the first time, she was not willing to invest at all in either comfort or climate upgrades during the reconstruction of her lodge. We feared to lose our only lodge in Tarkeghyang and had to do a lot of convincing. When we left the country we still weren’t sure how Ms. Lakpa Dolma Lamini would decide. Nowadays she has built one of the prettiest lodges along the CTN and she says: “My total expenses to make 8 comfort rooms and a dining hall will be around 15 million Nepalese Rupies. My motivation of this investment is improving the tourism in Nepal and encouraging the CTN project”.