Waste Management Collaboration with the Rural Municipality

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20. February 2021
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18. March 2021
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The Langtang Rural Municipality welcomed atmosfair to collaborate on the waste management project in the Langtang region. Representatives of atmosfair participated in multiple meetings with the Rural Municipality Chairperson. The first meeting took place in December 2020 and the Chairperson of the RM, Mr. Kaisang Nurpu Tamang, appreciated the idea of atmosfair to initiate a waste management campaign in the region. 

The subsequent meeting was organized in February 2021. In the meeting Mr. Tamang highlighted very important commitments from his side to implement the waste management project in Langtang. He specified that if a proper project proposal is received, the Rural Municipality will invest up to 50% matching fund for the project. Similarly, Mr. Tamang mentioned that they were already looking for such project in the region for some time. The project will be a prominent part of the Langtang Rural Municipality’s tourism development master plan.

If the waste management project is finally implemented, the Langtang region will have preventive measures to the growing issue of the waste disposal status. It will directly contribute to the improving of the tourism sector of Langtang.