Great Hospitality at the top of 3,685 meters

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21. August 2017
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25. August 2017
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During our last trip to the Climate Trek in Helambu, we also visited the village Thare Pati. It’s the highest point of the Climate Trek at 3,685m! After a long way up, we could finally reach the small village. Not only the breath-taking views welcomed us, but also the very friendly couple of Mr. Jimba Sherpa and Mrs. Bamu Sherpa, the owners of the Sumcho Top Lodge. After spending the night at their home we got the chance to deeply discuss the upcoming reconstructing process of their lodge. In the very early morning at 6.30 am, Mr. and Mrs. Sherpa invited us to their warm and cosy kitchen. A pleasant scent of hot oil revealed us that Mrs. Sherpa was about to prepare the ordered breakfast for their guests.

Mrs. Sherpa preparing her delicious pancakes and the wonderful view of the mountains.

As we were talking about the plans of their future lodge, we also got the chance to get to know the careful and loving preparation of the different dishes Mrs. Sherpa would offer to her guests: her own hand-made delicious Tibetan Bread and her hand-made pancakes with honey. Next to those dishes there is still a great variety of different kind of courses Mr. and Mrs. Sherpa are very pleased to prepare. Moreover, the Sumcho Top Lodge is offering individual and homespun hats, shoes and socks as well as self-made bags and blankets which can be obtained at a fair price. The Lodge on the peak of up to now mostly unknown mountains in Helambu welcomes all guests who make their way to this beautiful place with great pleasure.