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Im forum anders reisen haben sich über 100 Reiseveranstalter zusammengeschlossen, die sich für einen nachhaltigen Tourismus engagieren. Alles Spezialisten, die ihre Reisen umweltfreundlich und sozialverträglich gestalten. Unser Name steht für besondere Reiseerlebnisse, die sich am Menschen und an der Umwelt orientieren.

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    Anstellung / Marketing

    CRM Specialist (Berlin)

    We are looking for a CRM Specialist who will ensure a great relationship between our brands and our travellers throughout their lifecycle. The Marketing Team of Ventura TRAVEL has the challenge to grow established brands in the travel industry (such as Viventura and Puraventura) and successfully accompany new ventura brands (such has Japaventura and Persiaventura) to quickly build up a brand and acquire traffic. Our new CRM specialist will know where to recruit new leads and how to help them going through the stages of the funnel. Also, our CRM guru will make sure that our delighted customers will keep on discovering the world through our different brands.


    Ventura TRAVEL was founded to empower intrapreneurs to build up leading niche travel brands, focused on authentic and responsible travel experiences. We are strongly committed to sustainable tourism principles, to mitigate the environmental and cultural footprint of tourism. As a holding enterprise for other tourism companies and through our head office in Berlin, Germany, we take care of all the across company and international issues concerning all our subsidiary brands. All our brands actively live and share our core values to contribute to a business for the good cause.



    We are looking for a person…

    - with great native german skills, speaking & writing

    - with 2+ years of experience working with CRM & marketing automation softwares, HubSpot would be a plus.

    - with a proven track record of past successful drip marketing campaigns

    - with a good understanding and empathy towards our travellers as they navigate through stages of their lifecycle

    - with great analytical skills

    - with strong project management skills and the ability to influence and communicate across all levels of the organization

    - who prefers a fair & sustainable approach

    - who keeps up to date with latest developments in CRM & email marketing


    Your responsibilities

    - Develop & execute successfully a CRM strategy to optimize conversions of all stages of our customer journey.

    - Independently manage our email channel, from epic newsletters to highly segmented drip campaigns.

    - Embrace the customer experience: add customization for different user personas & states to our communications

    - Run a multitude of A.B tests for landing pages, smart forms, email flows & popups.

    - Write top notch marketing emails, auf deutsch!

    - Collaborate proactively with our sales teams to nail our Marketing & Sales alignment.

    - Become our HubSpot Guru who helps our teams to better use the software

    Be up to date with the latest developments in the channel you are responsible for


    What we offer as an employer

    - Working in a fun, central office in Berlin Kreuzkölln 

    - Working with a motivated, professional & international team

    - Guaranteed different and challenging tasks every day

    - Constant possibilities to grow further within our company

    - Colleagues who are a lot more than just co-workers

    - Participation in the overall company's profits

    - Work that makes sense and inspires customers

    - Possibility to work out of other offices in the ventura network around the world

    - Goodies like massages, lunch and sport activities in the office

    - 28 days of paid vacation

    - Quarterly social days and Team Events 

    - Yearly 3-week-offsite, if we achieve our goals



    Now it´s up to you….

    If you are passionate about what you do and consider yourself a positive, responsible and honest person, come join us and become our friend, not just our teammate. Does it sound like you? Send your application in English. You'll hear back from us pretty soon.


    Confidentiality: Applications at VenturaTRAVEL are treated with strict confidentiality. We use a professional HR-Software which only grants access to your applications to HR and the Recruiting Manager. 

      Ventura TRAVEL GmbH csr Siegel

      Ventura TRAVEL GmbH

      Lausitzer Straße 31
      10999 Berlin
      +49 30 6167558-0


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        Franziska Umlauft

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